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   Reeth Glass Lens Co., Ltd is a professional glass lens manufacturer for all kinds of indoor & outdoor led lighting, a comprehensive high-tech production enterprise engaging in R&D, design, manufacturer, sales and customer service of optical led glass lens for many years, which is located in The Yangtze River beautiful coastal city-shanghai

    With wide variety of more than100 Models, they are mainly: optical glass lens, led glass lens, Bridgelux/ Citizen/sharp/Osram led lens,Edision led glass lens, High power Led 30W-100W Led glass lens and other led lens,glass led lens ,high power/mid power/low power led street light glass lens, high power led high /low bay light glass lens, led explosion-proof glass lens, Led tunnel light glass lens, asymmetrical street light and tunnel light glass lens, car lamp lens ,led packing glass lens, flat glass lens, plano -convex aspheric glass lens, aspheric glass lenses ,biconvex glass lens, biconcave glass lens , projector glass lens, floodlight glass lens,headlamp lens, threaded glass lens and other shape glass lens, small/narrow angle glass lens, 78mm 45/60 /90/120 degree led lens ,magnifying glass lens,wall washer light lens,led lens for spotlight, glass lens for flashlight and so on,Pyrex lens, Quartz lens, Mirror Glass Lens, Cylindrical Lens, Prisms ,Optical Glass Windows and Fused silica Lens, narrow beam angle glass lens, wide beam angle glass lens ,No-glare glass lens, Anti-glare led glass lens and tempered glass lenses ,Secondary optics lenses and led glass lens for waterproof IP67 grade ,40 degree glass lens, 50 degree glass lens,60 degree glass lens, 70 degree glass lens,80 degree glass lens ,90 degree glass lens,100 degree glass lens ,120 degree glass lens,  High light intensity glass lenses, led grow light glass lens ,frosted/matte/sanded glass lenses,which can get round,batwing,square light pattern, such as led street lighting, high bay light, Optical instrument and medial industry , can be widely used for sidewalk, highway, square ,courtyard ,factory, warehouse, coal mine, gas station, dock, stadium ,exhibition hall ,tunnel, runway, airport and other indoor &outdoor led lighting places, our glass lens can well match Bridgelux(Bridgelux Vero 10/ Vero 13/Vero 18/Vero 29 and V series including Bridgelux V 6/V8/V10/V13/V15/V18/V22 COB Led , Bridgelux H series including H6/H9/H12/H15 COB Led,Bridgex ES star array, Bridgelux ES Rectangle array, Bridgelux RS array and  Bridgelux BXRA3 Series ) ,Citizen ,Sharp,Osram ,Luminus, Cree(CXA1304/CXA1310/CXA1507/CXA1510/CXA1512/CXA1520/CXA1816/CXA1820/CXA1830/CXA1850/CXA2 Studio/CXA2011/CXA2520/CXA2530/CXA2540/CXA2590/CXA3050/CXA3070/CXA3590/CXB1304/CXB1507/CXB151/CXB1816/CXB1820/CXB1830/CXB2530/CXB2540/CXB3050/CXB3070/CXB3590), Philip, Samsung, Edison, Nichia ,Seoul semiconductor , Prolight COB and other integrated/multichip/high power COB Led

    Our glass lens are high borosilicate, K9, B270 materials, reflective index is 1.474.high temperature resistance and above 96% light transmittance, pure transparent, can be suitable for 10W-300W high power COB Led, with our constant efforts, our products sell well at home and aboard, with sincere service , high quality products and fast delivery , we have well received good comments and praises from clients and also can custom-made based on client’s drawing and samples. Adhering to ”the people-oriented pursuit of innovation with high quality products and best service to repay the society’s ideas, we insist on ”honestly cooperation & new creative development ”management principle, with the high-quality goods and first-class service to meet the customer satisfactory.

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