33 X 29mm pressed Cylindrical Lens


33 X 29mm pressed Cylindrical Lens made of High borosilicate 3.3 for wall washer light   

Model No RH-WL-33
Description 33 X 29mm Cylindrical Glass Lenses for Wall light 
Lens material high borosilicate glass 3.3
Refactive index 1.474
Light transmittacne 95%
Working temperature -50-550 degree
Lens size 33 x 29mm
IK Grade IK08 & IK09 Grade
Lens surface can be polished, one or both sides frosted 
Application Can be widely used for LED wall washer light, Window light, LED wall light & others

Suitable Cob Led as below

Reeth glass lens advantage

1.Made of high borosilicate glass
2. High effciency in light utilizatio,long life time
3.Lower maintenance charges
4.Clear and transparent,never get yellow
5.High heat resistance and high light transmittance

Reeth company feature

1. we can provide professional optics system service
2. We are familiar with lighting terminology
3. We have the ability to analyze the photometric layout
4.We can custom-made based on client's samples and drawing
5. Professional research team and optical technology

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