Led street light glass lens specification
Led street light glass lens specification can be divided into beam angle and facula spec, the detail info as below:
1: beam angle spec
1.1 different road have different optics requirement, such as pole height, the distance between pole, road type (main trunk road, branch road, courtyard and so on ), so will have different beam angle requirement
1.2 generally speaking, the beam angle for street light glass lens can be 60 degree,80 degree,100 degree , 120 degree types.
1.3 as a rule, the main trunk road pole height is 10-12m,the distance between poles is 30-35m, so we can calculate that street light glass lens beam angle is 100-120 degree

facula requirement
2.1 round light pattern, which can be used for courtyard road, not very high illumination area
2.2 oval light pattern, mainly used for motor vehicle and motor vehicle road
2.3 square light pattern, can be used for motor vehicle road, will make good use of led emitted light .after-concentrated light can be spread on the road uniformly,